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Move OCR, voting disks and spfile

Posted by Ronald Hijdra on May 22, 2013  /   Posted in Oracle RAC

Some time ago we needed new storage for our 2-node RAC cluster because of disk warnings on our NFS storage server. We use this cluster for performance load and stress testing only so there is no production involved. Rebuilding the cluster was an option but we preferred not to do so since Oracle has many features to maintain the RAC environment.

Plan is to move everything from DATA_OCR to new data group DATA_OCR_VD.

Check the current situation (root)

cat /etc/oracle/ocr.loc


At the end of this process ocrconfig_loc will be changed to the new DATA_OCR_2 data group.

# crsctl query css votedisk

## STATE File Universal Id File Name Disk group
-- ----- ----------------- --------- ---------
1. ONLINE 76af9477a1e94f6bbfb1f6642f4ce544 (/u02/nfsdg/disk1) [DATA_OCR]
2. ONLINE a43e34a502754fdfbfc52bcd37b04588 (/u02/nfsdg/disk2) [DATA_OCR]
3. ONLINE 0690e8aa22164f17bfda3f3d2eb7db92 (/u02/nfsdg/disk3) [DATA_OCR]

ASM is using 3 voting disks for NORMAL REDUNDANCY.


set lines 300
select MOUNT_STATUS , NAME, PATH from v$asm_disk ;

CACHED DATA_KTB_0000 /u02/nfsdg/disk6
CACHED DATA_GIR_0000 /u02/nfsdg/disk5
CACHED DATA_OCR_0002 /u02/nfsdg/disk3
CACHED DATA_OCR_0000 /u02/nfsdg/disk1
CACHED DATA_LRK_0000 /u02/nfsdg/disk4
CACHED DATA_OCR_0001 /u02/nfsdg/disk2
CACHED FRA_0000      /u03/nfsdg/disk7

7 rows selected.

Results for the ocrcheck command:

# ocrcheck
 Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
 Version : 3
 Total space (kbytes) : 262120
 Used space (kbytes) : 3072
 Available space (kbytes) : 259048
 ID : 982593816
                      Device/File Name : +DATA_OCR
                      Device/File integrity check succeeded
                      Device/File not configured
                      Device/File not configured
                      Device/File not configured
                      Device/File not configured
 Cluster registry integrity check succeeded
 Logical corruption check bypassed due to non-privileged user</p>

The OCR looks ‘healthy’.

Make OCR backup

Check if you have OCR backups available:

# ocrconfig -showbackup</code>

m-lrkdb2 06/22 12:20:50 .../11.2.0/grid_2/cdata/m-lrkdbacc/backup00.ocr
m-lrkdb2 06/22 08:20:50 .../app/11.2.0/grid_2/cdata/m-lrkdbacc/backup01.ocr
m-lrkdb2 06/22 04:20:49 .../app/11.2.0/grid_2/cdata/m-lrkdbacc/backup02.ocr
m-lrkdb2 06/20 16:20:46 .../app/11.2.0/grid_2/cdata/m-lrkdbacc/day.ocr
m-lrkdb1 06/09 02:16:17 .../app/11.2.0/grid_2/cdata/m-lrkdbacc/week.ocr

PROT-25: Manual backups for the Oracle Cluster Registry are not available

Backup files are approximately 7Mb each.

You can make another manual backup(root):

# ocrconfig -manualbackup

If you need it, the command for restore of the OCR:

# ocrconfig -import[text]

Add new OCR disk group

Create a new disk group for the OCR using ASMCA
ASMCA - Create Disk Group

SQL> select failgroup, name from v$asm_disk; 

FAILGROUP                 NAME 
------------------------- ------------------------------ 
FRA_0000                  FRA_0000 
DATA_OCR_0000             DATA_OCR_0000   <-- old
DATA_OCR_0001             DATA_OCR_0001   <-- old 
DATA_OCR_0002             DATA_OCR_0002    <-- old
DATA_OCR_VD_0000          DATA_OCR_VD_0000    <-- new
DATA_OCR_VD_0001          DATA_OCR_VD_0001    <-- new 
DATA_OCR_VD_0002          DATA_OCR_VD_0002    <-- new

Now we have a new disk group and we can start moving

  • spfile(s)
  • voting disks
  • OCR

All three items will be moved to disk group DATA_OCR_VD.

Move spfile

In our configuration the spfile is located in the OCR and it should also move to the new disk group for the OCR:

In +ASM instance (user grid):

create pfile from spfile;
create spfile=’+DATA_OCR_VD’ from pfile;

After this step the value for parameter spfile is still set to the old location, so if you want to be sure the change is applied correct you can do a cluster node restart:

On node 1:

# crsctl stop cluster
# crsctl start cluster

In the ASM instance, as user grid:
SQL> show parameter spfile
———————————— ———–
spfile string +DATA_OCR_2/m-lrkdbacc/asmpara

Spfile is pointing to the new location on node 1.

node 2:
# crsctl stop cluster
# crsctl start cluster

SQL> show parameter sp


Applying monitoring templates in EM 12c failed

Posted by Ronald Hijdra on May 21, 2013  /   Posted in EM Cloud Control 12c

To get rid of the many TNS-01190 errors I received from the listeners on each database node we successful applied a (default) custom listener template. But for some reason newly created databases didn’t get the default listener template applied and we started receiving TNS-01190 errors again.

I tried several times to apply the custom listener template, both Template will completely replace all metric settings in the target and Template will only override metrics that are common to both template and target options to all new databases and submitted the job but the action always ended with status ‘Failed’ for all databases.

Digging deeper led to the following error message which only showed up in the Incident Manager:

Incident (EM-2902 [EMOMS][core.templ.uimodel.applicationModule.ApplyTempla) detected in
EMGC_DOMAIN/EMOMS/alert/log.xml at time/line number: Tue May 7 11:40:35 2013/542.

The problem started after we upgraded the EM 12c Database plug-in from to

My Oracle Support came up with Note.539175.1 which best fitted our problem description: Bug 16417886 : METRIC TEMPLATE ERRORS WITH DB PLUGIN.

The solution was to apply patch 16417886 to the OMS ORACLE_HOME. So I did following the readme after applying pre-required patch PSU (16236221).

But although the template apply jobs ended with “Completed”, the template wasn’t applied correct. The TNS-01190 error we tried to suppress in our custom template still wasn’t ignored. A check on the listener metrics itself confirmed that nothing had changed.

This last issue was resolved by creating and applying a complete new listener template.

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